Ipod Touch | Best Android Alternatives To IPod Touch

February 14, 2012 – 12:33 am

Smartphones and tablets squeeze all the concern these days. It’s easy to remove steer of the fact that Apple’s iPod sales still hillside in millions year after year.

Portable media players similar to the iPod Touch will finally die out, but there’s still lots of fascination in the category, and allowance to be done by chasing after consumers who do not feel the iPod fits their needs.

As so it is that a product difficulty you wrote off as a fatality of the national craving with smartphones rises once more. The subsequent to list contains 4 Android -based unstable media players that take target right away against the Apple iPod Touch. Many guarantee bigger screens, GPS, and all of the geeky conveniences that Android in well known for.

Samsung Milky Way Player 5.0
You know what’s improved than a 3.5-inch screen? How about a 5-inch screen?

Samsung’s Milky Way Player 5.0 ($269) goes large with its screen, and includes extras such as microSD mental recall expansion, GPS, and a back camera with a flash.

Along with a extended operation of video format encouragement (including DivX and Xvid), this is a great selection for Android fans who wish their media and games as large as possible, without venturing in to inscription territory.

Samsung Milky Way Player 4.0
No, we’re not repeating ourselves. This is the Milky Way Player 4.0, the smaller, more phone-like kin of the Milky Way Player 5.0. It offers many of the same features, comes in a more pocket-friendly size, and still boasts a shade size incomparable than the iPod Touch’s.

Priced at $229, it’s still not going to lean promising buyers on the basement of price. On the upside, though, the Player 5.0 offers mental recall expansion, GPS, and great format support.

Read the full examination of the Samsung Milky Way Player 4.0.

Sony Walkman Z
Sony’s Walkman Z deals a double-punch to the iPod Touch. Like the Milky Way Players, it features a incomparable shade (4.3 inches). Sony sweetens the deal, though, by inclusive an splendid apartment of audio enlargement settings, suited with a great span of in-ear headphones.

Unfortunately, this $249 media player is omitted many of the features we’ve advance to friend with Android devices, inclusive microSD mental recall expansion, front and back cameras, and Micro-USB charging.

Philips GoGear Connect 3
This small man is difficult to recommend, but at least the $179 cost comes in beneath the iPod Touch’s.

Yes, the shade is small, dim, and tormented with a horrifying observation angle, but let’s look on the bright side. The sound high quality binds up well, audio and video format encouragement is surprisingly broad, and the small size is really convenient.

So that’s the lay of the home when it comes to the rising marketplace of Android-based media players ( compare these products head-to-head ). If you’re seeking for an substitute to the iPod Touch and a device similar to the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire only seems as well large for your needs, then keep your eye on these guys. With a few luck, and a few extreme cost cuts, these might only be value picking up for those moments when you wish to fool around a few games without fatiguing your smartphone’s battery.

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